It's Thursday! This week on The Voices You Have Not Heard,

Ms. Spearman chats with Corey Lankford!!

 Corey is an elder at Oasis Ministries, Inc and has written and directed productions such as Battle Cry, Hellway to Heaven and Forgotten.  Corey believes that he is here to give the world transparency through his life experiences and he does just that in this interview!


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The Voices You Have Not Heard

Ms. Spearman chats with Corey Lankford (Thu, 21 Jun 2018)
Corey Lankford is an elder at Oasis Ministries, Inc under the Pastoral leadership of his mother, Pastor Kim Lankford. He has written and directed productions such as Battle Cry, Hellway to Heaven and Forgotten, the October productions have reached thousands.

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Ms. Spearman chats with Brian Burley (Thu, 14 Jun 2018)
Brian Burley is a native son of the city of Pittsburgh. A bestselling author of YNGBLKPGH, speaker, entrepreneur and an MBA graduate from the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business and HE is a change agent.  
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Ms. Spearman chats with Donna Baxter Porcher (Thu, 07 Jun 2018)
Donna Baxter Porcher is the CEO/Founder of Soul Pitt Media, She spends her time promoting the Soulful side of Western PA.  Out of her passion for Pittsburgh, this former rap artist turned Tech Diva has gone from “Rhymer to Digital Designer” and transformed a hobby into a successful business.
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Ms. Spearman chats with Chase Patterson (Thu, 31 May 2018)
Chase Patterson is third Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Academy of Greater Pittsburgh. 
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Ms. Spearman chats with Vernard Alexander (The Connecting King) (Thu, 24 May 2018)
Vernard Alexander is an inspiring leader in the areas of Business, Education and Workforce Development.  Vernard is Passionate about helping people realize the dream of “Entrepreneurship”, In 2006, Mr. Alexander created the Minority Networking Exchange, which provides opportunities for networking, education and collaboration. He’s been recognized as a BMe Leader in Pittsburgh and is also the President of the Homewood Brushton Business Association.

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Ms. Spearman chats with Beth Wojiski (Thu, 17 May 2018)
Beth Wojiski is a blogger, proofreader, editor and writer based in Pittsburgh, PA, and lives there with her husband, Fred. After nearly dying from an accident in 2006, Beth was inspired to approach life differently. With an emerging faith in God and belief in herself, she has gone from fear to fearless to LIVING!Beth Speaks at holistic healing events, and now writes a blog called, positively b.e.e., whose mission is to disrupt negativity one post at a time. Beth also offers proofreading, editing, writing and transcription services, to help others perfect their written messaging so that they, too, can live their best lives.  

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Ms. Spearman answers the top 10 interview questions (Thu, 10 May 2018)
Ms. Spearman answers the top 10 interview questions that she asks her guest.
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Ms. Spearman Chats with Lisa D Barnes (Thu, 03 May 2018)
Lisa D Barnes believes in tough love, support, and hard work. Having faced some of life’s challenges such as being a teen mom and a Breast Cancer survivor, she is now living her best life. Lisa recently launched Lisa D Barnes, LLC where she uses the strategies gained from her life experiences to help people through the pain they now face in life. You can follows Lisa on FB, IG and Twitter @ Lisa D Barnes  
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Seasons Change (Thu, 26 Apr 2018)
In this week's episode Ms. Spearman is hitting you with a thought provoking word that is sure to change the way you look at every new season in your life. 
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Ms. Spearman chats with Tiffany Huff-Strothers (Thu, 19 Apr 2018)
Tiffany T. Huff-Strothers is an Award Winning Author, Sought After Speaker, Mentor for Women, and Domestic Violence Survivor. She is also an Advocate who is passionate about helping women live their best lives. Tiffany is also the Founder of The Tiffany Huff Experience, a personal and professional development company through which she helps women recover from their worst setbacks and make major impact.

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Ms. Spearman chats with Briana "Bree" White (Thu, 12 Apr 2018)
Briana "Bree" White is the founder of Breelicious Bites, a Pittsburgh based food blog. She writes restaurant reviews for The Soul Pitt Quarterly Magazine and The New Pittsburgh Courier. She is also one of the co-founders of  Luggage, Love and Loot, a podcast dedicated to travel, relationships and money management.  
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Unfamiliar Territory (Thu, 05 Apr 2018)
In this episode entitled Unfamiliar Territory. I talk about how you may be in unfamiliar territory, but you created it and are mentally prepared for it.
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Potential Unlocks In The Silence (Thu, 29 Mar 2018)
In this episode I talk about potential and how getting silent helps you unlock it.
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The Fight (Thu, 22 Mar 2018)
This episode is about THE FIGHT to becoming. Releasing the minutiae and following the instructions
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Value (Thu, 15 Mar 2018)
This episode is about value and what you can add to the world.
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Episode 1 : The Power To Create (Thu, 08 Mar 2018)
This episode is about connecting with God, being creative, taking the leap and the power you possess when you create. 
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